PaassPay Partner Welfare Policy

1. At PPQR Technologies Pvt Ltd. (PaassPay), we believe in supporting the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our service professionals or partners. As part of our commitment to this belief, we have established below a Partner Welfare Policy that outlines the various benefits and resources available to our partners.

2. PaassPay shall not craft its policies and metrics to adversely impact the Service Professionals.

3. PaassPay is committed to fair earnings and transparent payment principles. PaassPay maintains rates to assure service providers are compensated in line with industry standards. We will ensure that no active service providers’ hourly earnings fall below the local living wage after factoring in workers’ job-related costs and average earnings exceed this as far as possible. This is consistent with PaassPay ‘s efforts to empower our service partners. The aforementioned is operationalised into our pricing structure. All partners’ hourly earnings after accounting for job-related costs are checked every month and paid the differential within 7 days if it is found that any partner falls below he hourly living wage threshold.

4. PaassPay is committed to offering a safety net for all active partners. In case a partner is unable to work on the platform due to established illness/ accident, PaassPay will cover the loss of pay for various scenarios (which include – COVID-19 and cases of medical illness which requires hospitalisation of more than 24 hours).

5.  The loss of pay covered shall be the medical expenses paid out based on the assessment of claims. Where such pay-out on medical grounds is not ascertained, the Service Professional will receive financial support based on the internal loss of pay scheme capped at Rs 400/ day for pre-defined instances funded from the PaassPay Suraksha Fund or other sources. PaassPay may also extend other monetary support on humanitarian grounds.

6. PaassPay shall ensure Service Professionals are not penalised, monetarily or otherwise, for (i) failure to perform a service due to justifiable medical reasons; and (ii) voicing concerns or appealing disciplinary actions.

7. PaassPay is committed to its Anti-Discrimination Policy and will not tolerate any discrimination towards its Service Professionals on the PaassPay platform. As a measure in the same direction, PaassPay will regularly carry out a post facto mining of customer reviews to check for discrimination. Any customer found to have discriminated on the platform will lose access to the PaassPay Platform.

8. PaassPay shall endeavour to consistently engage with a diverse group of Service Professionals. PaassPay may, from time to time, take affirmative action to increase representation of marginalised or under-represented groups of service professionals on the Platform.

9. PaassPay shall at all times be open and available to address any grievances that Service Professionals may have with respect to the services they provide, customer behaviour, among other concerns. Service Professionals may avail of the internal grievance redressal system in the event that any complaints or issues need to be raised to the relevant team.

10. If a Service Professional reports poor customer behaviour, PaassPay shall undertake the The following action:

a. If a Service Professional provides a customer with a low rating, PaassPay shall ensure that such Customer is never allocated to the concerned Service Professional again;

b. If a Customer consistently receives poor ratings and feedback, PaassPay shall analyse the ratings and feedback provided to determine whether the Customer poses a threat to the safety and well-being of the Service Professionals. If yes, PaassPay shall immediately remove such Customers from the PaassPay platform.

11. A Service Professional shall in no event be liable for any losses or claims that are directly attributable to PaassPay’s acts or omissions. Claims from PaassPay customers with respect to services offered by Service Professionals shall be contractually limited to Rupees 5,00,000 (Rupees Five Lakhs).

12. Where changes in PaassPay policies or structures may have a material adverse impact on the Services Professionals, PaassPay shall actively engage with Service Professionals and aim at holding increased FGDs to enhance participation and favourable planning.